Why ColorBreak?

Have you ever been stopped from doing something because of the color of your skin, your background, or the way you live your life? Have you ever been threatened with violence, made to live in difficult conditions, been denied your rights? Many people have gone through these circumstances. ColorBreak believes that we should live in a society where we avoid seeing someone as a color. We should respect and aid one and all at all times. ColorBreak is an experienced non-profit aimed to support children in need. To do so, we are giving custom made t-shirts in return for your donation. Giving back to the community to help all citizens in a variety of ways is fundamental to us and creating an equitable world.

Who Are We?

Our names are Ryan Teng, Charlie McCafferty, and Thomas Gu. As high school students, we have worked together to create the non-profit, ColorBreak. Colorbreak sells t-shirts and donates all proceeds to organizations that support young children, health research and organizations that provide a positive impact on the communities. We want everyone to recognize the importance of young people feeling empowered to show their leadership, give back to the society, and encourage others to do the same.

My name is Ryan and I live in Canada, Toronto.
I am a rising sophomore and the web developer, and business manager
for ColorBreak. I have been in the entrepreneurial business for 2 years.
Feel free to contact me at tengryan10@hotmail.com.

My name is Thomas and I am currently a 10th grader in SUIS.
I am always enthusiastic about trying new things, including Colorbreak.
My part of job here at ColorBreak is to be in charge of the manufacturing
for our clothes. Giving profession advice to make our designs more
fashionable and improving the wearing experience for our customers.

My name is Charlie and I am in charge of the designs for ColorBreak.
I have been doing graphic design for a few years and making
shirts is a fun way of getting your designs out there.
Donating the profits to charity is a great way of giving back to the
community and I look forward to donating more in the future and
creating many fun designs for new shirts.


ColorBreak is helping its community by selling our t-shirts and donating 100% of our profits. In 2019, ColorBreak donated over $2,200 to the Cancer Research program at the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children. We are so proud to contribute to helping kids defeat cancer and look forward to continuing to support SickKids. In 2020, ColorBreak collaborated with Brother's Brother Foundation to fight COVID-19 with a donation of 50,000 masks to support the PPE drive for healthcare workers in Toronto. As community members at Crescent School in Toronto, we also donated 10,000 medical-grade masks to help keep the faculty and staff safe in their workplace. It is always an honor to help those in need and to give back to our community in a meaningful way. There is much more to come and ColorBreak would like to sincerely thank the community and sponsors for supporting us.


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